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Good Credit & Money Go Together

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Get to Know ME

Hey! It's Mel, the owner of Credit Street Financial.My life was once overwhelmed by poor credit and debt, I have had an eviction, a repossession, collections, late payments, and derogatory accounts on my credit file. Despite having an extensive financial background and going to college, I realized that the traditional banking system and schooling did not provide me with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain a good credit score.I learned so much about credit and turned my financial situation around. By repairing my credit, I was able to obtain large lines of credit and eventually achieve a high 700 credit score. I have been determined to share my success with others, and I became a Credit Expert, teaching others the exact steps that I took to improve my credit. I am very passionate about sharing my story. If I can do it, then ANYBODY CAN DO IT! Having bad credit is not the end all. With the right tools and knowledge, anyone can overcome bad credit. YOU TOO can have excellent credit, and help others achieve good credit as well. Good credit opens many doors, and everybody deserves the perks that good credit brings.


My name is Melinda Carrera

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