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I will review your credit w/ you & provide you w/ a tailored plan with instructions.

  • 40 min
  • 95 US dollars
  • Phone

What you're getting

If your credit score starts with a 3, 4, 5, or 6, and you are ready to make changes NOW, then you can schedule a one time 40 minute credit review call with me. During the review, I will thoroughly go over your credit report with you and create a custom/ tailored plan to improve the quality of your credit report. For just $89 I will provide you with the exact steps to take to improve your credit quality and answer any questions you may have. I will provide you with all of the letters that you will need to fill out your disputes, and I will personally assist you with putting in your first dispute. In order for me to assist you and set you up for success, I MUST SEE A CREDIT REPORT so I can advise you correctly. EVERY SINGLE CREDIT REPORT IS DIFFERENT and in order to get RESULTS, you must have a plan that is tailored to your individual report. ***PLEASE NOTE: Detailed instructions and relevant links will be E-MAILED to you once your service has been booked. If you have any questions or need assistance before your scheduled appointment, simply reply to the email I send you, and I will be happy to assist you. LETS GET THESE RESULTS!

Dates available

Cancellation Policy

Due to my busy schedule, I can offer a one-time courtesy reschedule. Please note that refunds are not available.

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